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E-book: The Hardcore Condition - Experimental Hardcore Techno Of The 90s

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il y a 1 an 6 mois #45500 par Low Entropy

My E-Book "The Hardcore Condition - Experimental Hardcore Techno Of The 90s" is now published on in a revised edition! You can read it online there, or download it.


This book is about the Experimental Hardcore Techno scene of the 90s. It tries to give an overview of this scene, and tries to explain what defined it, and what it set apart from the main currents of Techno, Dance and Hardcore culture in the 90s in general.
It talks about artists, labels, records, movements. And also looks at cultural, social, political connections, associations, implications of this very special form of music.

Table of Contents:

Preface For The 2022 Edition – Page 03
Introduction – Page 04
What Was Experimental Hardcore? – Page 06
Some Experimental Hardcore Labels – Page 08
Reading Material – Page 09
Review: Somatic Responses - Passages EP – Page 10
Review: Atari Teenage Riot - 1995 – Page 13
Review: Auto-Psy - Necrophage – Page 16
Review: Senical - Dark Domestic Temper – Page 18
Photon Collisions - A Review And A Story – Page 20
The Story Of Fischkopf – Page 22
About Fischkopf – Page 27
On Mouse And No Name – Page 28
The Senical Label Family – Page 30
The Horrorist – Page 32
Taking Techno Seriously – Page 33
The 70s 80s 90s Continuum – Music – Page 35
Credits – Page 37

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